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11 Reasons to Be Proud of Toronto

Rob Ford may have put Toronto on the map, but there’s no reason for us to be embarrassed. Toronto has a lot to be proud of. Now that the world has taken note, it’s time to show off.

Here are 11 reasons to be proud of Toronto:

1. The Neighbourhoods

More than other cities, Toronto is a collection of neighbourhoods. Each one is a distinct and unique community. That’s why, even in a city this large, we can still bump into people we know.

“I love that we can live in N.America’s fourth-largest city, yet still have communities where we get to know our neighbors, at least on a smile-and-nod-while-walking-past-each-other basis. I like living in my neighborhood and recognizing people. But I have a small-town heart, so this is just me.” – MeriKat

2. Great Food

From food trucks, to Korean tacos, to gourmet donuts, to authentic southern BBQ—we’ve got it all. Toronto can easily compete with the best when it comes to the quality and variety of dining establishments.

Tori's Bakeshop

3. Cultural Diversity

Toronto’s population is made up of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. We work together, ride the subway together, and interact with each other on a daily basis.

“Toronto is a diverse city. At any given moment walking through these streets you will encounter people from all walks of life and from every nation in the world. With all these economic, social and cultural difference we live in perfect harmony.

Toronto is the most open minded and welcoming city that I have had the pleasure of calling home.” – InspectorVII

“When I’m in the bus, I look around and I see people from every corner of the world. They all either worked their darndest to get here or their parents did.” – janoo1989

4. A Thriving Arts Scene

We have so many options when it comes to experiencing art in Toronto. World class musical theatre productions, excellent independent theatre, niche galleries, ROM Friday Night Live, and art battles—just to name a few! We really are lucky.

5. The Skyline

Toronto Skyline

In case you forgot what it used to look like, here’s a great then and now comparison.

6. The Nightlife

There’s really something for everyone in Toronto. Whatever sort of nightlife you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here. German-style beer hall? Check. Vegas-style nightclub? Check? Board game cafe? Check.

Paddle the Don

7. Great Parks

We have so many great parks in the city. Events like Paddle the Don and walking tours of High Park make it easy to explore Toronto’s greener side.

8. Local Craft Beer

Over the last few years, the craft beer industry in Ontario has grown exponentially and Toronto has developed some incredible beer. We may not have the rich brewing history that Europe does, but our beer can definitely compete!

9. Our Civic Pride

If the current Rob Ford fiasco has taught us anything it’s that Toronto is an engaged city. We take a lot of pride in our community and we’re not afraid to speak up when something affects us.

“I think civic pride is a pretty natural thing. I guess technically there is no logical reason for it, but to feel an attachment to where you are from or where you are now is pretty universal.

To me it makes sense because it is part of who you are and what you identify with. It’s on your driver’s license, every thing you fill out, one of the first things that come up in questions with people you don’t know. So I would think the aspiration to be proud of your city is almost as important as being proud in yourself.” – YoungFlyMista

We Are Toronto

10. The People

Toronto is full of incredible people. If you need some examples, just take a look at We Are Toronto.

11. We Unite Canada

Toronto is a hub that ties the rest of the country together. While we may get caught up in our own world from time to time, we’re an important part of Canada. Toronto is a place where people come from all over the country to grow and develop.

What makes you proud to live in Toronto? Let us know in the comments!

Image credits: Benson Kua, Paul Henman, Tori’s Bakeshop

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